Part 7 - Competency Assessment

The link below offers access the competency assessment. lt contains statements about the competencies that you are expected to have as a Canadian radiological technologist.

Competencies are the knowledge, skills and judgment that all Canadian radiological technologists must have to work safely and effectively across each province and territory.

Please Note: The competencies reflect current radiological technology practice; however, radiological technology is not a static profession. As the profession continues to grow and evolve, so too will the competencies required to practice.

The format of the following statements has been taken from the Radiological Technology Competency Profile November 2006:

Remember that your responses to the statements will help you decide whether your current skills meet the requirements of radiological technology practice in Canada. They may show areas where further study is needed.

After you have completed the tool, you may wish to learn more about the Canadian radiological technology practice, the process of registering to practice in Canada and the tools available to prepare you for the national certification exam and Canadian practice.

The Canadian Association for Medical Radiological Technology (CAMRT) website has a section with information for internationally educated MRTs. You will find information on the certification process, a preparation guide and a 100-question practice exam for your discipline, and link to the available bridging and orientation programs:

For each competency you may:

Click Yes, I Possess This Competency if you already perform at the level required for your practice setting and role.
Click Area for Growth if you need or want to improve your practice in this area.

Once you view the results to your competency assessment, you will no longer have access to this Self Assessment Readiness Tool™.

Click here for access to the Competency Assessment