Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Professional Practice

I apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to ensure best practice.

I consider all factors that can affect the outcome for the patient in the service of diagnostic testing and treatment such as patient history, condition, previous diagnosis.

I practice according to legislation, regulations and ethical guidelines.

I provide patient care in a way that protects the patient’s legal rights.

I can identify the scope and standards of practice established by the national association and province in which I work.

I provide diagnostic / therapeutic impressions to healthcare professionals to assist in patient care management.

I demonstrate professional behavior.

I manage the stress and conflict of a busy healthcare environment that result from changes in work patterns and workloads, shift work.

I provide clinical instruction and guidance to students.

I exchange knowledge with colleagues and promote collaborative practice.

I take a lead role to perform a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure when working in a healthcare team.

I participate in continuing professional development.

I engage in reflective practice - I assess my own learning needs, create a plan to improve my practice and use what I have learned.

I have a basic understanding of the use and application of new and emerging imaging / therapeutic modalities including hybrid technologies: SPECT/CT, PET/CT, PET/MR.

I participate in research for evidence based decision making.

I have an understanding of the research process.

I participate in research based projects for the practice of medical radiation technology.

I have an understanding of resource management principles.

I know the difference between capital and operating budgets and their impact on daily practice. I appreciate the managers’s need to operate within limits of budgets.

I recognize how my practice affects department / hospital budgets.

I understand efficient use of staffing and equipment and the cost of negligent actions.

I participate in the management of resources in the practice of nuclear medicine technology.

I prioritize or give order to patient workflow to optimize patient outcomes. I reduce patient wait times while producing quality patient outcomes.

I monitor inventory of materials and supplies required to manage practice in nuclear medicine technology.

Patient Management

I provide a safe environment to minimize risk to the patients and staff.

I transport and transfer a patient using methods suited to the patient’s physical and cognitive status.

I verify patient identity.

I use proper body mechanics to prevent harm to myself and the patient.

I use immobilization techniques that are appropriate to the patient’s age, physical and cognitive status and type of procedure.

I assess and complete documentation for compliance with risk management / legal requirements. I verify authorization for test/treatment, charting, incident reporting.

I interact within the healthcare environment.

I establish a rapport with my patients. I greet patients and identify myself, explain my role, and am caring and compassionate.

I use various forms of communication such as verbal, written and electronic, to, obtain relevant, accurate and complete required information and provide information to relevant clinical staff.

I educate patients and their support persons about the details of the procedure so they can make informed decisions. I counsel patients pre, during and post procedural care.

I assess and respond to cultural, ethic, linguistic, religious and socio-economic variables affecting communication.

I perform assessments and medical interventions within my scope of practice.

I perform a patient assessment. I take and understand medical history, understand laboratory/imaging/pathology results, and nature of patient’s medications.

I assess, monitor and respond to various indicators of the patient’s status such as physical, cognitive and emotional signs, vital signs and expected reaction to medications administered.

I perform and/or participate in medical interventions. I perform and assist in CPR, administer oxygen, set up suction and perform venipuncture.

I assess, monitor, and respond to the patient’s therapeutic and supportive devices to ensure patient safety and comfort. These include IV therapy, urinary drainage, diagnostic and therapeutic lines and tubes, cast and traction.

I ensure the patient’s needs are met before they are released from my care.

I implement infection control practices.

I understand the transmission mode of nosocomial or hospital based infections (host, agent and environment).

I use established practices for preventing the transmission of infection in the healthcare environment.

I apply the principles of asepsis. These are cleaning, disinfection, sterilization.

I follow established protocols when handling and disposing of contaminated and biohazardous materials, sharps and body fluids.

I follow protective environmental protocols for patients with compromised immunity.

I follow protocols when caring for patients with antibiotic resistant organisms.

I use transmission based precautions for different types of infections based on their mode of transmission, such as airborne, droplet, contact.

I respond to and assist the patient with personal hygiene needs.

Radiation Health and Safety

Item 12

I apply radiation safety practices following ALARA principles to protect patients, care givers, technologists, health care members, and the general public. I use protective apparel/devices, verify pregnancy, breastfeeding status.

I comply with Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission regulations (CNSC), standards and guidelines in my practice - please see list under RADIATION PROTECTION AND SAFETY - Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) at:

I communicate information about radiation risks and explain protective practices to patients, caregivers, health care members and the general public. This includes administration of radiopharmaceuticals, and the radiation dose from nuclear medicine procedures compared to other imaging procedures.

I apply radiation protection practices following ALARA principles for radiation emitting devices to minimize radiation exposure to patients, technologists, staff, care givers and general public. These include bone density units, SPECT/CT, PET/CT, organ sensitivities.

I operate a CT scanner as part of hybrid imaging following the federal and provincial regulations’ procedural recommendations to facilitate the reduction of occupational radiation doses.

I follow the Transport Canada’s requirements for transporting radioactive materials.

Quality Management

Item 13

I participate in quality performance programs and adhere to Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHIMS) and Occupation Health and Safety (OH&S) regulations and apply principles of risk management.

I evaluate the integrity of protective apparel/devices and the performance of the equipment taking corrective action when required (ECG machines, blood pressure cuffs, aerosol units, lead aprons, TLDs, N95 masks).

I perform calibration and quality control procedures on scintillation detector such as well counters and uptake probes and take corrective action when required (Chi-square, constancy, energy resolution [FWHM] and efficiency assessment).

I perform quality control procedures on gamma cameras, evaluate performance and take corrective action when required determining sources of non-uniformity and distortion (spatial resolution check, spatial linearity check, centre of rotation, ECT uniformity, pulse height analyzer photopeak).

I can describe the appropriate quality control procedures for bone densitometry units.

I perform quality control on gas-filled detectors.

I evaluate performance of dose calibrator and take corrective action when required. These include constancy test, accuracy test and activity linearity.

I perform quality control procedures on survey meter, evaluate performance and take corrective action when required. These include constancy check, battery test, confirmation of calibration.

I can describe the appropriate quality control procedures for positron emission tomography (PET) systems. These include blank scan, single calibration and normalization scan.

I perform quality control on computed tomography (CT) scanners associated with hybrid units.

Radiopharmacy and Laboratory Procedures

Item 14

I store radiopharmaceuticals, non-radioactive supplies and kits according to manufacturers’ recommendations.

I follow procedures to elute the generator, determine efficiency, identify problems, take corrective action when required and document relevant information (generator set-up, elution process, assay eluate, assess eluate for purity).

I prepare radiopharmaceuticals in accordance with work schedules. I maintain product sterility, determine volume, radioactivity, concentration, label and maintain records (date, time, activity, volume, specific concentration, expiry).

I radiolabel autologous cellular components for re-injection and ensure safe handling of all labelled blood products. These include In vitro red blood cell labelling, in vivo red blood cell labelling, modified in vivo red blood cell, white blood cell labelling.

I perform quality control procedures on radiopharmaceuticals, with a visual inspection, determining purity, particle size and acceptability of macroaggregated preparations and evaluate radiopharmaceutical sterility or apyrogenicity testing results.

I dispense radiopharmaceuticals for administration to patients. I calculate activity and volume, verify all factors and maintain relevant records (label information, expiration date/time).

I perform general laboratory procedures. I calculate and prepare standard/stock solutions for the laboratory and maintain levels of reagents and other supplies.

Diagnostic Clinical and Therapeutic Procedures

Item 15 - Within my practice, I demonstrate knowledge, sound clinical reasoning and professional judgment so that:

  • I can assess the relevance of the patient’s history, clinical information, data available from previous studies and correlate the information with the requested exam.
  • I can position the patient using landmarks, modify the procedure according to patient condition, and perform the procedure.
  • I can plan the exam, prepare the patient, perform technical preparation and administer the radiopharmaceuticals and select technical acquisition factors.
  • I can evaluate the image for diagnostic quality for anatomy, physiology, pathology, desired physiological phase and recognize normal results and variants, perform processing protocols/manipulation to optimize quality, and provide the patient with post-procedural instructions.

I apply ALL the above competencies in order to perform the following diagnostic and therapeutic procedures:

Myocardial perfusion studies

Equilibrium studies

Set-up and acquire 12 -Lead ECG

RBC Liver scan

Hepatobiliary scans

Gastric Emptying

Gastrointestinal bleed

Meckel’s diverticulum

Renal function scan

Renal scan pharmacological intervention

Glomerular filtration rate

Three phase local bone scan

Whole body bone scan

Bone scan (SPECT)

Bone Mineral Density

Gallium scans

Tumor Imaging scans

Sentinel node imaging

Cerebral perfusion (SPECT)

Thyroid scan

Thyroid uptake

Parathyroid scan

Perfusion and ventilation scan

Thyroid therapy for hyperthyroidism

Thyroid ablation therapy