Step 5 : Consider Bridging and Academic Upgrading to Fill Skill Gaps


The regulator may find gaps in your education and/or professional skills when you apply for a license to practice in Canada.  These gaps may prevent you from getting your license.  You may be advised to complete a bridging program or academic upgrading program to improve your knowledge and skills.  There is a cost to attend these programs and the time involved can range from a few months to a year or more depending on how much training you require. 

Bridging Programs




Other allied health professions  

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may be available for this upgrading.  The links below provide information about the kind of funding that may be available to you. Note that it may apply to one jurisdiction only.  You should ask whether you are eligible for any financial assistance programs when you apply for a bridging program.

Canadian Nurses Foundations 

Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance Program 

Nova Scotia Registered Nursing Professional Development Centre 

Nova Scotia Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia 

British Columbia Skills Connect 

British Columbia Institute of Technology 

Alberta and Saskatchewan Immigrant Access Fund