Part 2 - Competency Assessment

The link below offers access the competency assessment The competencies (knowledge and skills) are what you will be expected to have as a Canadian midwife providing care for women during pregnancy, labour/birth and the postpartum period, and care for newborn infants. The questions are based on midwifery core competencies that are commonly required across all provinces and territories.

These national competencies are listed on the Canadian Midwifery Regulators Consortium website:

College of Midwives in some provinces also provide online information on midwifery regulations, standards and guidelines that are specific to their jurisdictions.

You may wish to consult these websites as you proceed through this section of the tool:

For each competency you may choose:

  • I am able to do this on my own responsibility. Choose this answer if you are able to provide the described care competently and confidently, without being directed or supervised.
  • I need to develop my abilities in this area. Choose this answer if you need more knowledge or skills to be able to provide the described care, or if you need supervision and/or direction from another midwife or a physician to provide this care.

Once you view the results to your competency assessment, you will no longer have access to this Self Assessment Readiness Tool™.

Click here to access the Competency Assessment