What is a Self Assessment Readiness Tool™?

A Self Assessment Readiness Tool™ allows you to make an informed decision about working in healthcare in Canada. By using the tool, you may compare your own knowledge, skills and abilities against those required to practice in a healthcare profession in Canada.

What kind of information is found in the tools?

Each tool offers;

-Information about the profession
-Information about educational requirements
-Information about licensure/certification process as applicable
-Information about working in Canada/immigration
-A competency assessment

Who is involved in the development of the The Self Assessment Readiness Tools™?

The tools have been written by subject matter specialists recommended by regulators and/or professional associations.
The tools have been reviewed for plain language and screened by external content experts for professional specific content integrity.   The tools are beta tested by internationally educated healthcare professionals/recent immigrants sourced through the regulators and/or professional associations.  The tools are updated on a regular basis.

Who are the tools for?

The tools have been developed for anyone who would like to be a healthcare professional in Canada, specifically,
internationally educated and trained healthcare professionals.

When is the best time to complete the tools?

Ideally, the tools should be completed before internationally educated/trained healthcare professionals move to Canada.

Are the tools part of the licensure process?

No.  The tools do not replace the formal licensure process.

Will you share my information with a third party?

No. Your information is private.

I cannot login to my account. What should I do?

Because we are offering the tools for free at this time, we are not monitoring user accounts and cannot reset lost passwords. If you lose or forget your access codes, you will need to create a new account using a new email address and begin again.